Digital Strategy – part 3 + 4

Map your client journey.

Mapping out your client journey is useful in two respects. Firstly, you will make sure that you are covering all the potential touchpoints in your marketing plan, and secondly, you can prepare yourself in advance (set up systems) to minimise repetitive work.

Here is an example of how you might map out a client (collector) journey. It’s just one example, when you map out yours, use touchpoints that are applicable to you and your collectors. Consider how your clients usually find you, and ways that you would like them to find you.

Potential collector hears about you for the first time.

PR (newspaper or magazine story)
Google search for what you create
Social media

Consideration stage.

Potential collector looks you up online and visits your website
Sees your FB ad and has heard of you before
Signs up to your email optin
Follows you on social media
Receives your email newsletter


Buys a painting.

You develop a relationship with your collector.

Receives your email newsletter.
Sends you an email or message about how much they love the painting they bought from you.
You reply with a personal note and invite them to watch a walk-through of your latest online exhibition.

Life-time collector & champion

Receives your email newsletter about a new series of paintings.
Buys another painting.
Sends you an email or message about how much they love their new painting.
Reply with a personal note and invite them to see what you’re doing every day on social media.
Interacts with you on social media and shares your work.

Your digital strategy.

Okay, we are finally here.

I have a template available in three formats for you to use to put together your digital strategy document.

Google Docs – open the template

Notion – get the template

Download a pdf version

There is a lot of information in the template, starting with putting all the research you’ve been doing into the plan. Fill in all the areas, starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom.

And that’s it, you have a plan. Now forge ahead with what you’ve planned.

This post is one of a series of tutorial posts that I am writing for my Facebook group of artists and creatives who want to get their online presence up to scratch and create a practical digital strategy while we are self-isolating. Let’s come out the other side of this time better prepared to make a good living with our creative talents. You can join us here.

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Tracy Algar is a visual artist, web designer and digital strategist who has been selling her art online since 2013. For more tips on creating a website and marketing your art and creative products online subscribe to her email list below or Like her Facebook page.

Digital Strategy – part 2

Digital Strategy – part 2

Part 2 of a 4 part blog series that takes you through the steps you need to follow to create a digital strategy master plan and then to get on with implementing it.


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