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Are you eager to get your art or creative course online?

While selling art and handmade products is nearly impossible in South Africa at the moment (apart from cloth face masks – those are selling like hot cakes), you will probably be thinking about ways that you can supplement your income. One way of doing that is by teaching a class or workshop. Obviously you can’t do that either, unless you take it online.

It doesn’t need to cost you anything to set up an online course, and it’s easy enough to do with a smart phone with camera, a tripod (or selfie stick) and somewhere to put it online.

Here’s are two options for getting your course online quickly and without any overheads.

Option 1. Notion

Notion is an online tool that is something of a chameleon. It can be a productivity app, a wiki, a complicated, interconnected web of databases OR it could just be the perfect place to host an online course. 

I am currently building my next online course in Notion, and it’s been a fabulous experience altogether. It’s a lot less clunky than the online course platform that I have been using for my online art workshop, and it gives you complete control.

To create a free Notion account, click here.

I have created an online course template in Notion that you are welcome to use to get you started. 


Watch the video for a walk-through of the course template and how to copy it into to your workspace

Pros & Cons of using Notion to create your online course


You have total control over your course, and who you admit to it.
It’s far more customisable than free versions of other course platforms.


You will have to sort out payment with your student before inviting them into your course.

Option 2. Thinkific free account

I’ve used Thinkific in the past and still have one online art workshop there on the free account.

With their free account, you can have up to three online courses, including videos and downloads, and it’s pretty easy to use.

Why I’ve chosen to go with Notion this time is that I want more control over my course. With a free Thinkific account you aren’t able to, for example, give away a free class (like for a giveaway to promote it) without paying them.

They do handle the payment processing for you and you don’t have to do anything to admit your student to the course, but they do take a cut of that, and you can’t offer your course in South African Rands, it has to be in US Dollars.

Pros & Cons of using a Thinkific free account to create your online course


They handle payment for you.
Access to the course in automated.


You have a lot less control over what your course looks like.
You can’t offer your course in South African Rands.

Need more help?

I offer mentoring for artists and creatives who want to get their online presence up to scratch, create a digital strategy to achieve their business goals, and get their art classes and workshops online. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

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